One2One mentoring relationships are empowering youth,

equipping mentors and connecting communities.



We collaborate with youth-serving organizations, like schools, to embed our mentoring model within their current structure. By creating a program that leverages existing strengths and resources, organizations are better able to engage with youth and adapt to their individual needs.



We develop structured curriculum that is adaptable and aligns with the overarching goals of the organization for youth. To do this, we gather ongoing feedback from key stakeholders while ensuring that youth input drives the mentoring process – from creating matches to planning program activities.



We partner with local community colleges to recruit volunteer mentors, who receive either service learning or class credit for participating. Mentors are required to go through a screening process and onboard training experience, as well as receive ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationship.

"It [One2One] provides something positive in the students' lives. It gives mentors a chance to learn from the students."






We partner with key organizations, foundations, schools, colleges and individuals throughout the community to empower

youth and equip mentors.

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